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We strive to make your order as custom as you make your trees. Please call for custom cuts

Dragonwood is a dark rough bark with lots of character. It comes in many different cuts. Poles, forks and bushes. Starting from 6-8 up to 20


Myrtle is a grey smooth bark. Myrtle has some character also comes in many cuts. Poles, Forks and Bushes. Starting at 6-8 up to 20

Text Box: Myrtle

Bamboo is usually cut to order and comes in a variety of sizes. They usually come in lengths of 10-12 but we will cut them in any length up to 30. Diameters from 1 to 3


Text Box: Palm trunks are large in diameter and orange-brown in color. Manicured and cuts to order. Lengths from 4 to 12

Palm Trunks

Vine comes in several sizes. Bundles of string, Pencil and Jumbo usually 6 in length. We will cut them in all lengths, specify project. Also 1 and 2 rolls sod by the foot.


Spanish moss naturally dried. Comes in 8# and 50# boxes.

Spanish moss


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